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"Chasing the Bottoniera" - a short film about the 2008 Etna eruption.

Mount Etna, June 2008 - "Chasing the Bottoniera"

In May 2008, a new eruption started on the Eastern flank of Mount Etna. This eruption, termed a "Bottoniera" (button hole) has flowed almost non-stop for some ten months, varying between being a gentle effusive flow, and an eruption of a more a violent, explosive and unpredictable nature. At the time of writing (March 2008) the vent was still flowing, making this one of the longer eruptive episodes on Mount Etna.

Shot in a travel-log / blog style, "Chasing the Bottoniera" is a personal perspective, charting our excursions and our attempts to gain good views of the eruption during our visit to Mount Etna in June 2008. Exciting footage is balanced with a sense of frustration, a sense of humour, and some glimpses of the gentler side of this fascinating volcano.

This film has been produced in full 1080p high-definition. We've compressed the film to a low resolution version for presentation on the web. As ever, there is a balance between file size (download time) and video quality. Please be patient as the film loads, especially if you are using a slower internet connection (unfortunately it's too long for YouTube).

If the film does not load automatically or you wish to view it in a larger playback window, click the following link to play it in your default media player. (This version is in Windows Media format, 75MB)

Running time approx. 21 minutes.