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Iceland – a land of Fire and Ice

Volcanoes, Glaciers, Caves, Mountains, Whales, Puffins and... ?

Captivating the media and public interest with the recent eruption at Eyjafjöll, Iceland is a geologists dream – an island still in the making. And an island full of beauty and excitement. As the Eurasion and Pacific tectonics plate slowly drift apart, the ensuing volcanic landscape, coupled with a harsh yet exhilarating climate presents visitors and residents alike with fascinating country, full of surprise, beauty and excitement.

With a blend of active volcanics, lava tubes to explore, mountains to climb, glaciers to cross, thermal pools to bathe in and whales to watch, it is little surprise that a visit to Iceland has long been on the "to do" list for the Winster Cavers.

The main eruption on Eyjafjöll has ended (for now) although some minor explosive activity has been noted (7th June 2010). What will transpire with Eyjafjöll and it's larger neighbour, Katla, over the coming weeks is anybody's guess - but eruption or no eruption, Iceland is destined to be a great adventure!

Full details of our trip will follow shortly, but for now, enjoy our Iceland Adventure Blog and a little you-tube video of the 1st of the two eruptions in 2010.