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Out and About with Winster Cavers - Underground Trip Reports

About the cave and mine trip reports

There are a number of cave and mine guidebooks available, plus plenty of useful information on the world wide web. However, there's often some small - or even vital - piece of information that's missing that would make a trip so much more enjoyable had you known about it in advance. In our caving and mine exploring trip reports, we've tried to cover some of this ground, including access arrangements, kit required, and length of time to undertake a specific route. The information presented here isn't intended to replace the information currently available, but rather, to supplement and complement it - and to provide some help when the information you want is either out of print or difficult to obtain. If any of the information we've presented has changed, we'd be glad to hear from you.

The 2009/10 Trip list

The 2009/10 trip list is coming soon - honestly! We've been out and about and quite busy, but we'll get this section up-to-date shortly. Interesting excursions we'll be reporting on soon include investigating shafts in Old Gells Adit for hibernating bats, a bat survey in Thumper Sitch, a trip to the new "Room 101" extensions in Waterways Swallet, and a fun evening's exchange SRT outing between Whalf Climbing and Whalf Engine Shafts. Then there was the Easter trip to the Nenthead Mines, with fantastic trips into Smallcleugh and Rampgill.... all coming to the site soon!

  • Wapping Mine / Cumberland Cavern Derbyshire
  • Merlins Mine, Derbyshire
  • February
  • Thumper Sitch
  • March
  • Waterways Swallet
  • The 2008 Trip list

    As the year goes on, we'll add more trips to the list - most of the trips we've undertaken will be listed here. Mines and caves are listed in alphabetical order for ease of indexing. Highlighted links mean there's a descriptive page (and a link to it) about the trip on this web site.