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Trekking in the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

We'll add detail to this page as it unfurls - for now, here's our itinerary:

Day One: Marrakech – Oukaimden – Tiferguine – Ouhattar

Arrive at airport and driver will take you to the skiing resort of Oukaimden, at 2600m, to meet your team, including mule handlers and the mules themselves. After lunch, you’ll head to Tiferguine, known for its sheep pens and carry on to the foot of Ouhattar at 3000m, where you will all bivouac for the night. The day contains around 1 hour and 30 minutes of walking and 1 hour and 45 minutes of driving.

Day Two: Ouhattar – Agouns – Tinoummer – Ourika – Tamguist - Anfli - Tiourdiou

will take you through plenty of local Berber villages, over the course of a 6 hour trek. You’ll cross the pass and descend past Agouns and Tinoummer to reach the Ourika Valley, a beautiful place to be. When you reach Tiourdiou, you will bivouac for the night.

Day Three: Ourika – Tamater - Assif N’Oufra

When you reach the end of the stunning Ourika Valley, you and your team will start to climb up to the Tamater Pass, eventually reaching 2200m before starting down to the Assif N’Oufra and setting up your bivouacs near the river. The day’s activities should be around 6 hours in total.

Day Four: Assif N’Oufra – Amenzel - Tizi Oumchichki – Tinnizer River

You’ll head down a twisting track that takes you and your group to Amenzel, after which the track broadens out with the valley. In the valley, there are water torrents hurtling down into deep basins and above them, the beautiful scenery that North Africa is known for. When you reach the afternoon, you’ll cross the Tizi Oumchichki at around 2981m, which will afford you an amazing view of the region and a place that you can see the snow tipped pinnacle of the famous Mount Toubkal, the roof of North Africa. After over 6 hours of walking and trekking, you’ll set up your bivouacs for the night, and settle down on the banks of the Tinnizer River, 2200m above sea level.

Day Five: Tinnizer River - Assif Ouraï – Tizi Pass - Amzouzart

The Tinnizer River bivouac marks the middle of your adventure. By the end of the day, you will have cleared around 7-8 hours of trekking and will be 3120m above sea level . You’ll travel through more high passes and another village before you can settle down for the night at Amzouzart.

Day Six: Amzouzart – Ifni - Amzouzart

Today you will spend the majority of day swimming in Lake Ifni, a mountain lake, nestled in the North African Mountains. An ascent of 3 hours and 30 minutes is all that is needed to get you there. You can then spend the remainder of the day resting , relaxing and swimming in the natural surrounds of the stunning High Atlas.

Day Seven: Amzouzart – Ouanoums Pass - Toubkal

After the relaxing day in the mountain lake, you’ll start back on the trail to Mount Toubkal, which is 6 hours trek from Amzouzart. You’ll head out to Ouanoums Pass, a point at which you will be at an altitude of 3660m and from which you will able to take in the magnificent scenery with ease. Bivouac camp can be made at 3300m, at the point where the pass meets the foot of Mount Toubkal.

Day Eight: Toubkal Ascent

Today you will ascend Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in the North African High Atlas mountain range. At 4167m, the peak should take you over 4 hours to complete. It has no overly technical aspects and puts you in a position to gaze out over the city of Marrakech, the desert plain and of course, the imposing High Atlas themselves. When you are finished, you can descend and stay in the same bivouac that night.

Day Nine: Toubkal – Ouankrim - Assif ‘N’ Issoubouane - Sidi Chamarouche - Armed

As you are in the area, you can also ascend the second highest peak in the High Atlas with ease. Mount Ouankrim is around 4089m above sea level and should take you the morning to complete. After lunch, you can trek down to the Assif ‘N’ Issoubouane, stopping at Sidi Chamarouche, a destination for pilgrims and a holy site. After 4 hours of walking in total, you can rest and sleep at Armed.

Day Ten : Armed –Marrakech

Short walk to get to Imlil and transfer back to your Riad in Marrakech; night in Riad