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Hawai'i Big Island - a walking & volcano guide

Hawai'i Big Island

Volcanoes, Mountains and Lava Tubes

Hawai'i - a mere mention of the name brings to mind images of tropical islands – beautiful maidens in grass skirts with flower garlands, fantastic beaches, surf to die for, 80’s American TV with some dubious haircuts...

For the Winster Cavers, all the stereo types fade into insignificance when compared to the lure of an active Volcano, and a significant network of lava tubes. Kilauea Volcano on Big Island has, apart from a short period of respite, been erupting non-stop since 1983, and has to feature highly on the “must see” list for any volcano enthusiast. So after a bit of research and some fairly deep digging in our pockets, September 2008 saw us on our way to, quite literally, a tropical island on the other side of the world!

But Hawai'i is not just about volcanoes. Gorgeous beaches, tropical rain forest, snow-capped mountains are amongst the main attractions for the active adventurer. Indeed, the attractions in Hawai'i are so diverse, that it is difficult to know how to organise our write-ups!  We've thus compiled a series of walking guides and general visitor guides to this big Island of Hawaii - links are below. Whilst we were there, we maintained our Hawai'i Big Island Blog