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Indonesian volcano adventure video - Part 1 - Anak Krakatau

14 days volcano trekking in Java, Indonesia

In 2011 the Winster Cavers spent 14 days volcano trekking in Indonesia, starting at Anak Krakatau off of the West Coast of Java, and traversing the entire island to finish on Bali.

We've split the 50 minute film of the whole adventure into a series of 9 short films, one for each volcano/cave we visited. Enjoy!

Part 1 - Anak Krakatau

A two-hour fast boat ride from Carita on the West Coast of Java gets one to Anak Krakatau (child/son of Krakatau). Here, a group of three small islands sits on the site of the famous Krakatau eruption of 1883. The new cone of Anak Krakatau started forming in 1927 and has so far grown to over 300m in height.

At the time of visiting, Anak Krakatau had recently stopped erupting - although there was evidence that magma was rising and a new eruption was imminent.