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Ogof Pen Eryr

Ogof Pen Eryr, a sporting beginner's cave, part of the major Llangatock cave system


A great little novice cave or a good, quick introduction to the caves of Llangattock for those contemplating a trip into the bigger systems in the area such as Ogof Craig a Ffynnon, Daren Cilau or Agen Allwedd.

Date – 1st August 2008

Weather conditions: Good.

Kit required: None.

How to find it: In the same quarry as Daren Cilau, but much further to the left.

Access: As for Daren Cilau.

Description: Through the low entrance, one immediately enters a surprisingly sizeable chamber. Almost directly opposite the entrance there’s a squeeze through into another chamber. Up to the right there is an area of slippery, polished flowstone which is the entry to the infamous corkscrew squeeze, which those of larger or taller build may just find themselves defeated by. The squeeze spirals upwards and due its polished nature can be quite difficult to get enough grip to push your way up through, where you then pop into a small chamber full of calcited blocks. From here, a mixture of varying sizes of passage – some tall and rifty, some smaller - interspersed with crawls over, amongst and through boulders leads eventually to a climb down on the left into a lower level passage. Before reaching this climb down, there is a rather awkward move over a flat polished boulder that emerges directly over a drop of 6 to 8 feet ; squeeze through feet-first on your belly, this will allow you to reach the invisible footholds and make a safe descent.