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Photo Gallery :: Lava caves of Hawaii


Host to the largest lava cave in the world, Kazumura Cave, the Big Island of Hawaii sucessfully drew the Winster Cavers into the subterranean world once more - and much to our surprise, we were delighted with the fascinating and varied experience, and the beauty of the formations. We didn't make it to Kazumura, but as you'll see, we didn't miss out.

Lava Stalagmites
HyperLink Lava Stalagmites in a Hawaiian lava cave HyperLink
These lava stalagmites have dripped onto an area of benching at the side of lava cave. They were probably formed by the lava tube roof melt due to the heat of molten lava flowing in the tube. The golden colour may be due to minerals crystalsing out as the lava cooled.
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