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Photo Gallery :: Water Icicle Close Cavern


Water Icicle Close Cavern has been fascinating cavers for many years. The entrance is a 105' deep, hand-picked shaft mine shaft, which enters the main cave exactly on the junction of three natural cave passages - all of which terminated after a short distance. The old Derbyshire lead miners must have originally entered by another route, but there is no sign of this today. Several groups have attempted to find the cave passage that surely existed beyond the known limits of the cave, but without success - until in 2009, members of the Orpheus Caving Club managed to dig through the terminal choke at the end of the North West passage. This series of photos was taken on a trip to visit the new extensions.

Cave passage in Water Icicle Close extensions
HyperLink Cave passage in Water Icicle Close extensions HyperLink
Some way along the main passage is an area of breakdown - and a natural shaft, "The Elevator". Potentially more passage could be found by digging at the bottom of "The Elevator", but the area (not quite visible in this picture) is dominated by loose rock, and digging there is not a very welcoming prospect!
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