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Photo Gallery :: Nenthead Mines, Cumbria


The mines of Nenthead and the surrounding area are well known to many a mine explorer. Some of the most extensive systems in the UK, the now naturalising mines are a feast for the cave photographer - and presented here is a small selection of photographs taken during a series of visits in 2009 to Smallcleugh, Rampgill and Middlecleugh (which is gated and requires special permission for access). Sadly, some areas of the mines have been seriously damaged - in part by those who do not have an appreciation for the archeaology, but also by mineral collectors, selfishly hacking at the few remaining deposits for either their own collections, of for commercial gain. If you choose to visit these interesting mines - please treat them with respect. Take nothing but photographs, and leave nothing - not even foot prints!

Miners' inscription of a dromedary camel in Middlecleugh.
HyperLink Miners' inscription of a dromedary camel in Middlecleugh. HyperLink
Miners inscriptions, particularly initials in a copperplate script, are not uncommon - but in Middlecleugh, the inscriptions are something else. This drawing, dated 1794 and believed to be genuine, is of a Dromedary Camel! Who knows what conversation may have lead to the drawing of this. Featured also are images of men boxing, kangaroos, men on horseback, and the usual display of names and initials.
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