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Indonesia – a volcano and cave adventure on Java

Indonesian Volcano and cave adventure - our Itinerary

Our adventure starts with flights from Manchester to Jakarta, via Dubai.  With 6 different veggie offerings on the in-fight menu, this alone is going to be an interesting experience - although it has to be said, spending 16 hours in the air is not top-of the list of things that Winster Cavers like to do.  Mind you - it's a chance to catch up on a film or two, do a bit of writing, and have a snooze!

Day 1

All being well, we arrive in Jakarta mid afternoon, where we'll meet our guide for the duration, Aris.  From Jakarta we transfer to Carita Beach, where we overnight in a hotel and prepare for our next two days visiting the Krakatau islands.

Day 2

This is where the fun really starts.  We take a fast boat across the Sundra Strait, and then sail around the active volcano of Anak Krakatau (Son of Krakatoa).  Volcanic activity permitting, we land on Anak Krakatau, and climb part way up the active cone! Later that day we have the opportunity to swim in the coral reef before setting up camp, and potentially doing a nite hike on Anak Krakatau.

Day 3 - Krakatau volcano tour

We take a fast boat to Krakatau Island, on which we explore further, before returning to Sertung Island for lunch, and the oportunity to go snorkelling in the coral reefs. After lunch we return to Carita Beach.

Day 4 - Transfer to Garut

A rest/travelling day in which we drive for 5-6 hours to Garut, ready for the next day's exploration.

Day 5 - Mount Papandayan

The day starts with a visit to Mount Papandayan, an active volcanic area on mainland Java. At the time of writing (just before our departure), a series of earth tremors has resulted in the PVMBG raising the alert level on Papandayan volcano and declaring a 2km exclusion zone around the active area - it remains to be seen how close we get!

From Papandayan we drive East across Java for 5 - 6 hours, to overnight at the base of Mt. Slamet.

Day 6 - Dieng Volcano and Borobodur Temple

The day starts with a visit to the Dieng Volcano complex, including Kawah Sikidang and the geothermal area. A large eruption here in 1964 resulted in the tragic loss of many lives.

From Dieng we continue East through Java to the base of Mount Merapi, probably visiting one of Indonesia's cultural jewels, the Borobodor Temple, en route.

Day 7 - Mount Merapi Volcano Trekking

Starting at 1:00 am (yes, really!) we take a short drive to Sello Village, from which we trek for 4-5 hours to the summit of Mount Merapi. All being well, we will arrive at the summit for sunrise, befor returning to Sello Village for a late breakfast.

In late 2010 Mount Merapi erupted in a catastrophic style - with several villages falling victim to pyroclastic flows. There are some photographs of this tragic event on: At the ime of writing, the summit was officially off-limits according to the PVMBG website - iIt remains to be seen if the summit cimb is still possible. From Merapi we continue across Java to Kediri City.

Day 8 - Mount Kelud

From Kediri City we explore the new volcanic area around Mount Kelud, recently notorious for its glowing lava dome. From Kelud we continue across Java to the Batu Highlands.

Day 9 - Cave Exploration - Bungi Cave

A full day visiting the 5-7km long "Bungi Cave" in th South Malang district. We know almost nothing about this place, apart from the fact that is is "not a tourist cave"!

Day 10 - Cave Exploration in South Malang

A 1/2 days caving in the South Malang district (cave to be visited as yet unknown) before travelling to Tumpang Village at the foot of Mount Semeru.

Day 11 - Mount Semeru - Tumpang to Ranupane to Kalimati camp

From Tumpang we take a 4x4 jeep to Ranupane - the start point four a two-day trek on Mt. Semeru. From Ranupane we hike for 6 - 8 hours to Kalimati camp. Here we rest for a while before taking another night hike to the summit of Mount Semeru.

Day 12 - Mount Semeru Summit

At midnight (yes, midnight!) we leave camp and hike to the summit of Mount Semeru. From here we should get a fantastic sunrise, and excellent views over much of East Java. Semeru currently erupts once every 20 minutes or so, so we should witness this first hand. We then descend back to Kalimati camp for breakfast, then return to Ranupane Village via Mount Ayek-ayek.

Day 13 - Mount Penanjakan and Mount Bromo

Another early morning start to see the sunrise from Mt.Penanjakan, from which we should get superb views of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. From here we cross the "lautan pasir" (Ocean of Sands) to head for the summit of Bromo. Again, recent volcanic activity may force us to alter our plans some! From Bromo we move on to Sempol Blawan Village, via some natural hot springs.

Day 14 - Mount Ijen Crater

Litmus paper in hand, we hike to Kawah Ijen and its famous blue lake - reputedly the most acid lake in the world, and the site of extremely hot and sulphurous fumaroles. Having (hopefully) tested the water, we transfer to Bali for our last night staying at a coffee plantation in the Bali Highlands, Indonesia.

Day 15 - free day in Bali

Our last day we spend on Bali, relaxing and/or exploring, before heading down to Denpasar for an evening flight to Jakarta, the home via Dubai

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